Raiden Flash Hider, 5.56/.223

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The Raiden flash hider is designed for military and law enforcement professionals that demand performance, accuracy and speed. The Raiden allows for faster target acquisition on follow up shots and improved accuracy because it eliminates barrel rise using caliber specific porting. Our unique interlaced 3 prong design minimizes concussion while hiding flash signature. The Raiden is compatible with the Strike Industries Oppressor and has a durable black nitrite finish. The 5/8 -24 industry standard thread is compatible with most 5.56/.223 barrels. Take your shooting to the next level of speed and accuracy with the Desert Tech Raiden flash hider. The Raiden was inspired by the amazing performance of our Ratchet line of Muzzle Brakes. By utilizing a flash hider design instead of a ported muzzle brake, the Raiden allows you to shoot in confined areas without excessive blast. Engineered using advanced CAD software and produced on ultra high tolerance CNC Machines. The Raiden comes standard on our MDRx Micron Conversion kit and 16" 5.56/.223 MDRx Conversion Kits but will work perfectly with any 5.56 or .223 caliber rifle. Features:       • Eliminates Barrel Rise with caliber specific porting.       • Faster target acquisition between shots.       • No concussion       • Compatible with Strike Industries Oppressor       • Compatible with all AR barrels with 5/8-24 threads       • Hides Flash Signature       • Precision CNC Machined       • Durable Black Nitride Finish.