AN/PVS-22 UNS (Universal Night Sight)

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The MilSight™ T105 AN/PVS-22 Universal Night Sight™ (UNS™) may be the most reliable and easiest to use night vision clip-on sighting system ever fielded. The UNS also incorporates gain control, which allows the user to adjust the tube brightness (gain) lower to compensate for overly bright or to increase the gain under extreme dark conditions. The UNS™ is a unique night vision system that is small enough to mount in front of any boresighted daytime scope. Scope magnification can range from one to twelve power. The UNS™ does not require any boresighting and once mounted the day sight provides the aiming point. The UNS™ maintains boresight despite normal misalignments due to mount position errors and does not alter the sighting centerline (parallax is unchanged from day scope). The UNS™ also contains no beam splitter or folded optics to go out of alignment. Optimized for medium-range sniper platforms. Effective on all platforms from carbines to .50 caliber semi-automatic. The UNS™ includes FLIR’s proprietary Shock Mitigation System TM, allowing the unit to be used on platforms up to and including .50 caliber bolt-action. The UNS™ is manufactured with the highest quality Gen III Pinnacle, American Made Image Intensifiers.     • Mounts in front of a Day Scope     • Manual Gain Control     • Magnification up to 12X     • No Boresighting Needed     • One Year Warranty     • Adaptable to almost any platform Includes:     • AA Battery x2     • Soft Carrying Case     • Operator’s Manual     • Flip-Up Lens Cap     • Picatinny Rail Mount     • Light Shroud     • Lens Cleaning Kit