HD Ultralight Scope Mount (34 mm) (40 MOA) Taper

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Proven around the world by Law Enforcement, Military, and competitive shooters, the HD Ultralight Scope Mount was engineered to create a functional, reliable, and durable bridge to your optic. Milled from a solid billet of 7075 aluminum and hard anodized the DT scope mount weighs only 6.4 oz and is tough enough to handle the harshest punishment from any caliber. With a built in anti-cant bubble level there is no need to add accessories to this high tech, light weight, rugged mount. 30 mm reducers are available.
Size 34 mm
Weight .4 lb (6.4 oz)
Length 4.75"
Width 1.9"
Height 2.53"
Taper 40 moa