OSS 7.62 Suppressor Combo BPR1-15 + SRM6

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***NOTE*** This is an OTB/Reflex style suppressor system that overlaps the barrel by 5.05" and has an outside diameter of 1.75". Please measure the weapon to which you intend to mount this suppressor ahead of time to ensure it will fit in front of your gas-block and under your handguard. A two-piece modular suppressor system that fits over-the-barrel. Dedicated to the firearm – and installed first – is a back pressure regulator (BPR) which overlaps the barrel. Standalone, this mini-suppressor “takes the edge off” and only adds minimal length and weight to the rifle while achieving significant sound reduction. To achieve maximum sound reduction, simply add the signature reduction model (SRM). Specifically designed for the MDR, these OSS suppressors with patented flow-through technology use deflectors and coils to control gas expansion through the system and pull gases away from the bore-line resulting in: No significant increase in back pressure. No increase in cycle rates or carbon builtup and malfunctions. No toxic blowback of carbon, primer or metal particulate. No degrading of weapon durability, precision or reliability. No loss in sound or flash signature reduction. - 23.8 oz (BPR 11.7, SRM6 12.1) - 1.75" Diameter - 13.25" Length - Adds 7.6" to firearm OAL (2.5" with BPR only)