DTSS Suppressor Package .408 cal BRUTE BLK

Qty Available: 50
"The Desert Tech BRUTE Suppressor is the pinnacle of big-bore sound suppression technology. Designed for a specific military customer for use in extreme conditions, the BRUTE is purpose-built to manage the extreme punishing force of big-bore calibers, providing maximum suppression, accuracy, and recoil reduction. As a military over-run, we are making this available to our civilian customers for a LIMITED TIME ONLY. Once the purchase-window is closed we will build the suppressors and we will NOT be producing this suppressor for civilian sale again. Order yours today to take advantage of this limited opportunity to optimize the performance of your Desert Tech HTI. *Includes muzzle brake with clocking nut and thread protector* Caliber: .375CT/.408CT Suppression: 18dB Weight: 4.2lb Muzzle Brake Thread Pitch: M22x1.5 Material: Stainless Steel Length: 10.25"" Diameter: 2"""