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Recent iOS updates have led to TRASOL crashing on iPhones. We are actively working on an update to resolve the issue. Current workaround requires user going into main iOS settings and disabling location services for the TRASOL app. This will prevent TRASOL from crashing, but also prevents TRASOL from getting local weather services information and as a result limit its ability to automatically generate density altitude for your firing solution. Density altitude can still be manually entered. We are sorry for the inconvenience and will have an app update resolving the issue shortly.


  • TRASOL-Interfacing Heads-Up Display
  • Global Prediction Accuracy
  • Intuitive Interface
  • Automation of Advanced Tools

TRASOL WAS DEVELOPED for precision shooters who desire
first round hit accuracy to 1500 meters and beyond. By developing new ballistic algorithms that reshape predictive flight curves to align with Dop
pler radar data, TRASOL provides the most accurate predictions available.

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There is genius in simplicity. TRASOL is the first ballistic application to incorporate Heads-Up Display technology.

By using your mobile device’s built-in camera and onboard sensors, TRASOL allows users to point their device at their
target and automatically generate absolute accuracy solutions.

The HUD environment has highly intuitive drag and drop tools
for quick input of Range and Wind (without any typing) and the device’s sensors do the rest.  The HUD also allows tracking of moving targets to provide very accurate lead solutions.
Lastly, the photo/video capturing capability allows you to
log your shots easily and share them with your friends.

GLOBAL PREDiCTiON ACCURACY TRASOL’s proprietary algorithms make it the most accurate ballistic calculator, negating the need to alter manufacturers bullet data. iNTUiTiVE iNTERFACE TRASOL is easy to use; our passion for accuracy must be matched with speed and an easy to use program that eliminates unnecessary steps. A) Single screen ballistics entry point. This allows shooters to easily input and verify all variables to ensure an accurate shot.
B) Visual Icons allow quick recognition and clarity of fields
C) Large button layout for use with gloves.
ADVANCED TOOL AUTOMATiON User’s want the accuracy benefit of advanced tools, and TRASOL automatically activates these tools as needed to simplify actions by the user. These tools can be activated or deactivated: A) Automatic stability & spin drift calc.
B) Coriolis
C) Automatic Density Altitude calc.
D) Multi-wind Bands
E) Cant
F) Tracking of cold bore
G) Tracking of zero settings
H) Field condition zero profile tracking
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