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Trasol App - Trajectory Ballistic Calculator by Desert Tech

We are actively working on fix for Trasol on the latest version of iOS

  Recent iOS updates have led to TRASOL crashing on iPhones. We are actively working on an update to resolve the issue. Current Workaround Current workaround requires user going into main iOS settings and disabling location services for the TRASOL app. This will prevent TRASOL from crashing, but also prevents TRASOL from getting local weather services information and as a result limit its abi... Read More »

MDR Micro Dynamic Rifle by Desert Tech

MDR Update January 1, 2017

MDR Update January 1, 2017 Dear Valued Customers, I want to wish you everyone a happy new year! I am very excited about 2017 and I hope you are too. Our January announcement is two days late due to Jan 1st being a holiday and landing on a weekend. For each of these announcements we meet with all of our departments to get true assessments of where things are, in order to provide the most accurate a... Read More »

SALE!! Christmas Special SRS A-1 – Dec 2016

SALE!! Christmas Special SRS A-1 – Dec 2016

SALE! December 2016, Christmas Special SRS A-1 Rifle, Conversion Kits, and Suppressors. Use coupon code: XMAS2016 Valid through Midnight, December 31st, 2016                   *SRS A-1 Special Purchase any SRS A-1 or Covert Rifle, Chassis + Conversion Kit, at regular price, and RECEIVE FREE  your choice of one of the following items: – DT Scope M... Read More »

MDR Update December 1, 2016

December 1, 2016 Dear Valued Customers, The MDR is still on track with last month’s update. So far we haven’t run into anything that would impact our predictions. I wanted to share the amazingly great results we got from our bore obstruction tests but legal put the brakes on it for now. It did fantastic. Much better than competitors’ rifles we tested. Once we get our legal team to sign o... Read More »

DT MDR Rifle Military Grade by Desert Tech

MDR – Follow Up Questions and Comments

DT MDR – Follow Up Questions and Comments To all our customers and Fans, I want to address some of the things that are being discussed amongst many of you: 1) I will be the first to admit that debuting the MDR in Jan 2014 was premature, in hindsight we should have debuted the MDR December 2016. We have absolutely changed our process for future product announcements because I don’t want... Read More »

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  1. bret
    November 5, 2012, 1:35 am   / 

    I apologize, but personally I think it is bullshit you will not make a LH version in atleast one model and you have been out on the market for some time now. I have served my country just like the rest of you and I think a Quality rifle such as yours should be available for anyone willing to spend the $$$. It isnt that complicating to flip flop the design. Cmon. Im sure you will make your money back on the R&D part quicker than you think.. starting with me.

    • New Shooter Dan
      November 6, 2012, 3:04 pm   / 

      Thanks for the input Bret. Speaking up makes it happen sooner! There are definitely plans to do this, just other things in the queue ahead of it. Wish I had a more concrete timeline…thanks again for reaching out.


  2. troy baker
    January 26, 2013, 8:28 pm   / 

    will the new stock panells fit on gen 1 srs chasis like the new cheek piece

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