The Desert Tech SRS M2 in military trials

The SRS M2 was designed and built by military request for todays subject, military testing and approval. The SRS has been adopted by several military and law enforcement agencies all over the world, and we are constantly trying to get it into additional service roles. Today we take you to the baltic state of Estonia, … Read more

Another TREK-22 Review

Guns America recently dropped a great review of our TREK-22 stock for the 10/22. We love seeing more people get their hands on the TREK, and seeing their experience with it: “As you may have guessed, bullpup firearms can be a hot topic of controversy and argument among the gun community, but I’ve always been … Read more

MDRX Rivalry: One gun for every scenario

We get a constant stream of questions from would be MDRX owners trying to decide on which MDRX configuration they should purchase. The obvious answer to that question is; why just one? One of the most advantageous aspects of the MDRX family is the ability to interchange from one caliber or configuration to another. So … Read more

Trasol Upgrade

For those of you using our Trasol ballistic app, there is some great news! Trasol has been updated with a MASSIVE new bullet library to allow you to select your favorite bullet. This will auto populate all the pertinent bullet data into your trajectory solution. Trasol provides the best calculations for your shooting experience, if … Read more

Autumn’s Armory shoots the Trek-22

One of the Trek-22’s strong points as a bullpup chassis for the 10/22, is reducing the overall length of the rifle. This in turn brings the point of balance further back. This is particularly handy for small and young shooters, who’s stature may make shouldering a rifle difficult. Autumn Fry from Autumn’s Armory has been … Read more

A First Deer Story: Deer hunting with the Desert Tech SRS A2 Covert 6.5 Creedmoor

A good hunting story is hard to pass up, and todays is one of those. One of our own employees went on his very first deer hunt this month, and brought a camera along to share his experience. Nick was shooting his personal SRS A2 Covert with the eighteen-inch 6.5 Creedmoor conversion kit. Watch the … Read more