Demolition Ranch Video on Youtube With DT SRS Rifle

The Demolition Ranch video channel on Youtube is one of the most popular gun / shooting channels.
It is known by “NOT YOUR AVERAGE GUN CHANNEL” because what he records is definitely out of the ordinary!

We would like to send a Big THANK YOU to Matt for this nice and fun video on the SRS A1 Precision Rifle.
We look forward to seeing what he can do with the MDR!!!

Long Range Shooting 1000 Yards With DT SRS .308

On May 5th, 2017, Matt from Demolition Ranch took his Desert Tech SRS A1 Precision Rifle for a long range shooting session with a couple of friends.
Matt’s previous longest shot was @ 500 yards. Shooting with the SRS A1 in 308 Winchester, Matt broke his own personal record and hit the target @1060 yards.

About Demolition Ranch

If you are a gun lover and haven’t seen one of Matt’s videos or don’t know his channel, you are missing out!
He’s a US veteran that loves blowing stuff up and making entertaining videos. You not only get to see some nice guns, but enjoy his videos with his fun personality.

Behind The Scene With Demolition Ranch – Matt Carriker by TFBTV

Learn more about Matt, his Youtube Channel, and how he produces his videos here!

Desert Tech – Tomorrow’s Weapons

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