Long range shooting has always been the lifeblood of our business here at Desert Tech. What we’ve recognized for a long time now is that the long range shooting category is very cost prohibitive. We love new people coming in and showing interest in our industry, so we paid special attention on how we can improve the process. In order to address this we’ve been looking for ways to be able to produce our guns at their same high quality, while reducing the cost for our customers.

New Investments

We’ve recently made some new investments in our production equipment, in order to reduce the cost of making our rifles. These equipment upgrades have changed our production from being sequential to simultaneously produced parts.

Desert Tech HTI Rifle

Because of these changes we’re excited to announce a lowered price point of our HTI rifles by almost $1600! That will bring the HTI in .375 & .408 to $5899, and the HTI .50 BMG to $5999.

This pricing will be available come Shot Show. Stay tuned on Jan 22nd for these changes to go live on our site!

Other exciting announcements include the release of our new SRS A2 Rifle! If you missed it, check out our last blog article on the highlighted features.

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