The MDR has been our most challenging project to date, due to all the innovative features we’ve tried to include in the first version. While we have learned a lot through this journey, the greatest reward is your satisfaction and seeing these latest reviews of the latest 2019 updated MDR:

Desert Tech MDR

If you haven’t had the chance to see the 2019 updates in action, take a look at what everyone else is saying. Here are some of the highlights on what Garand Tumb had to say.

Garand Thumb –

“The reloads for this rifle are incredibly smooth and I’ve actually been very impressed the speed with which I can reload this rifle.”

“It’s a USA manufactured designed Bull-pup and I think that is really cool, it’s definitely pushing boundaries.”

“This version is massively improved compared to the one I shot before. I am very impressed with their ability to innovate and continue to design a good rifle.”

Check out Garand Thumb’s full review here.


“One of the things about Desert Tech, is these are easy to convert to different calibers. You can go from .308 to 5.56, or .300 Blackout with just a switch of the barrel and the essential components.”

“Its just a really cool design and this thing is fully ambidextrous.”

“There are a lot of cool features that make this really fast. But again, it takes training.”

“If you’re looking for a higher end .308 that you can switch out the different caliber. Check out the Desert Tech.”

You can check out their full review here –

Sootch00 – Desert Tech MDR Bullpup Review

Ian and Karl from InRangeTV has been impressed with the changes to the MDR.


“They really delivered to the market which is what they said they would. I’m really going to say this, this is a top of the line, most advanced Bullpup in .308.”

“This thing is darn cool, Desert Tech has delivered. They’ve shown their respectability in the industry. They’ve gone through leaps and bounds to prove that.”

Check out InRange’s full review –

Honest Outlaw was impressed with the accuracy and says that the trigger for the MDR is better than some.

Honest Outlaw –

“The gun overall looks really cool, some of the features beyond being a .308 Bullpup that’s nice is that Desert Tech makes extremely accurate rifles. So this should be very accurate, even though that is not what it’s designed for.”

“What I am really excited for is the trigger. The MDR is suppose to have a really good trigger. So far I have shot about three rounds out of it and I concur that it is very good. It’s significantly better than the Tavor and I think better than the X95 too.”

“Overall what do I think about the MDR so far? I think that it is as advertised.”

Check out Honest Outlaw’s full review –

In Green Light Shooting’s earlier video they highlighted a few issues they experienced. But in their latest video they mentioned all the issues that they experienced earlier, have been resolved completely.

Green Light Shooting

“Changing mags was much easier than last time. If you remember on the last video I could not press that button in. I had to double stack my fingers and really dive into that button to eject the mag. It’s a pretty regular press now, which I love.”

“The safety selector switch, last time it felt a little bit gooey. I didn’t think that they would change this but there is a very positive click now.”

“Honestly all of the cons that I had with this gun were remedied in these updates. That is huge ups to Desert Tech for listening to their community, for responding, for taking ownership of those kind of reliability issues that they had and making this thing an absolute stunner of a gun. I had an absolute blast shooting this.”

“This finally feels like a twenty five hundred dollar gun. This thing feels powerful.”

Check out Green Light Shooting’s full review –

Thank you for the reviews and for sticking with us through all the issues. Getting reviews whether they are good or bad, gives our team the motivation to do better every day.


  1. Brian Krampert
    August 16, 2019, 3:06 pm   / 

    What a surprise! You turn out to be the company that I thought you were based on your other products in your line that I saw those years ago when I was first turned me on to the MDR. Nothing but kudus (those are good for those who don’t know).

    I really like mine in .223 Wylde and am considering a conversion in 7.62. Currently waiting with baited breath for my .300BLK conversion.

  2. anon
    September 5, 2019, 12:11 pm   / 

    hi for all this is worth I really think you guys should add 6.8 spc as a caliber choice for the mdr. Simply because the army is looking at a 6.8 gun and it would be really cool if some militaries adoped the mdr.

  3. Jon Forsberg
    January 15, 2020, 2:40 pm   / 

    Love to see a .450 Bushmaster caliber… Maybe in time for deer season?

  4. Deivydas Norvilas
    April 1, 2020, 5:23 am   / 

    Hi . I bought Mdr in Europe. But i can’t get magazine release, and other upgrades here.. I have 6 position gas, but thats it..
    Can you help me?
    Thanks. David

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