As everyone knows, the flagship rifle of Desert Tech is the SRS. We’re excited to announce the newest addition to our Desert Tech product line, the Desert Tech SRS A2 and SRS A2 Covert rifles! Though our years in business we’ve been looking at how we can continually improve our products. Keep reading to find out what key improvements we’ve made to the new Desert Tech A2 model.

Weight Reduction

We were able to reduce the weight of the rifle by 2.3 lbs. The way that we were able to reduce the weight were the following categories:

  1. Fluting – Lengthened the fluting on the barrel. We didn’t take the fluting deeper, but instead extended it forward and to the rear. We also added fluting to the barrel clamping area.
  2. Hand Guards – Eliminated the integral picatinny rail and adopted m-lock system.
  3. Receiver – Weight savings on the bottom of the receiver, which was quite thick. We did some fluting to reduce its weight.
  4. Monopod Removal – The monopod originally came stock with the SRS, but is now installed separately.

Barrel clamping system

After analyzing the Barrel Clamping System, we redesigned it to be a low peak stress clamping system. Between the screws there are uniform radiuses to clamp with the same force. After performing some engineering simulations, this new design came in with 30% less stress.

At the range we installed barrel from a1 into a2 and shot numerous groups using both barrels. We found that the average was 36% better overall using the reduced stress clamping system.

A2 Trigger

On the A1 Model it had adjustable trigger movement, creep adjustment, and trigger pull adjustment, but now we only allow weight adjustment from 1.5 to 7 lbs. Some of the things we were looking for with this were:

  • To create a field matched trigger.
  • Make a rifle with very snappy creep settings, optimizing for very short creep on every rifle with more precision than ever before.
  • To design the front of trigger to have a nice flat surface.


We already touched on the bipod insert option on the stock of the gun, so we’ll move on to one of the issues we’ve addressed with the tripod inserts. Often times people use our rifles for competitions, and they want to install a tripod. On our A1 rifle they would install their own contraption onto the bottom of the rifle to hold their tripod. We’ve addressed this and a few other items to help with stability.

  • Tripod Insert – Integral tripod stud lets you screw standard tripod into SRS A2.
  • M-lock harris bipod attachment – M-lock attachment is available on both the Covert and A2 rifles, making it easy for you to attach your Harris Bipod to the rifle with no special equipment.
  • M-Lock Handguard – Now you don’t have to have a custom tool to remove handguard. You can switch easily to covert.
  • Smoother Bolt Action – Additional clearance and flutes inside of the bolt itself to be smoother to run the bolt in the field. 36% smoother operation in running the bolt.
  • Barrels – All A2 barrels have standard thread pitches it’s supposed to have.

With all of these weight saving designs we’ve implemented, we’ve managed to get the 338 lapua is 9 lbs with same accuracy as A1!

With the lighter weight, recoil goes up. We redesigned the muzzle breaks, which  improved recoil reduction by about 20%.

Left Handed Options

As of right now we do not have left handed options available. We are still undecided whether we will be putting these in production or not. We love supporting our left handed shooters, but unfortunately there’s not as many of you as we’d hoped.

Future of the A1 Rifle

With this announcement of the new A2 rifle, you’re probably wondering what becomes of the A1 rifle. It has been discontinued, but parts support will still exist. A few things to note:

  • Parts supported for 5+ years, so no need to worry about getting parts in a hurry.
  • A2 conversion kits will work with A1 and visa versa. Nothing will change there.
  • New trigger is not backwards compatible, so you can’t put an A2 trigger on an A1 SRS.


We’re going to start taking orders for the A2 on the first day of Shot Show. On January 22nd the A2 will be available for purchase on our site. First shipments of these rifles will be sent out during Shot Show! The first production batch of these rifles are currently being assembled.

We wanted to make a big statement, showing that we’ve learned from some of our mistakes in the past, announcing a product release before it was ready. Guess what? This time we’re ready! A2 rifles will be shipped as the first orders are taken at Shot Show.

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